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Caring for your smile consists of numerous habits and daily cleaning routines. In order to ensure you’re cleaning your mouth effectively, always make sure you’re brushing your teeth and flossing between your teeth on a daily basis. For a highly effective interdental cleaning tool for cleaning between teeth, consider using a threaded dental floss.

Never be afraid to look for new ways to enhance your oral health care. This includes actively improving your flossing techniques and products you’re using to floss. If traditional threaded floss is beginning to give you issues, seek out alternative interdental treatments. One highly effective option to consider is a water flosser which uses a steady beam of water to wash between teeth.

If you do decide to use traditional threaded floss, always make sure your product is shred-resistant and will not tear upon use. Speak with your dentist about product recommendations or suggestions or look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on product packaging. ideally, you should floss between your teeth for 2 minutes every day making sure you hit the areas between each and every tooth. Also, don’t forget your teeth in the back.

Once you have selected your dental floss, it is important to use a strand that will be long enough to clean between each and every tooth without using the same section of a strand more than once. This will help to prevent recontamination. Gently run the floss between teeth without being overly abrasive. Once you’re finished, throw the strand away and use a new piece every day.

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