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A dental bridge is typically cemented onto its two anchoring abutments with a strong dental adhesive. This is meant to bond it in place with the integrity you previously appreciated in the original tooth. Unfortunately, there are still times when complications from poor oral hygiene or a recent dental trauma can compromise the strong connection between your dental bridge and the anchoring abutments. If any part of your dental bridge feels loose, you should not delay in having it examined and treated by an experienced dentist.

While you await your appointment, you need to avoid playing with the loose dental bridge. If you have blood or debris in your mouth from an oral trauma, you can rinse it away with lukewarm saltwater. Any other cleaning procedures should be left to Dr. Glen Fung and his highly trained staff.

If it’s merely a minor failure of the dental adhesive, your dentist might be able to cement it back in place. Unfortunately, if one of the internal abutments has been traumatized, your dentist might need to perform a root canal to restore the necessary structure capable of anchoring a dental bridge.

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