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Are you suffering from any cavities? Do you have a family history of cavities, or are you constantly placing your mouth at a risk of dental erosion due to habits you keep? If so, it is important to add extra cavity prevention treatments to help keep your smile safe. However, should a cavity arise, one highly effective restoration treatment that our dentist can offer is a composite dental filling.

Dental fillings are often required in situations where individuals are wishing to improve their smile by eradicating cavities. With a composite filling, our team can craft fillings that can match the color of your natural teeth. They even work on extremely small cavities that might otherwise go untreated. Composite fillings are also extremely durable and can last seven to ten years before needing to be replaced. Furthermore, composite fillings can be repaired or replaced numerous times without ever having to remove the original filling.

Composite dental fillings are mercury-free. They can help prevent future tooth fractures and work as a better sealant of dental margins than traditional amalgam, or silver, fillings. For an examination to determine if you need a dental filling, speak with our dentist, Dr. Glen Fung.

Are you in need of a composite filling in Newbury Park, California? If so, our team at Newbury Oaks Dental can help. Dr. Glen Fung and our team can give you a complete oral examination to determine how best to serve your smile and your oral health care needs. To book a visit at our dental office, call us at 805-499-0471 today.