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There are many tooth hazards you can face during the teenage years that can affect the quality of your oral health, especially since this a time that it’s common to receive orthodontic treatment, grow in your wisdom teeth and play risky sports. We offer encouragement for teenage patients who are looking for ways to care for their smiles and avoid damage to the teeth.

It’s very important to practice proper oral health care habits to protect your smile and prevent oral accidents that can harm your teeth. We advise against pursuing habits that can put your oral health at risk, such as using tobacco and drugs, piercing any part of your smile and playing sports unsafely. By taking steps to circumvent bad dental habits and care for your smile, you can have a lifetime of healthy and beautiful teeth.

Contact sports are one of the biggest causes of mouth injuries and oral accidents, especially for teens who are highly involved in these activities. You don’t have to avoid playing sports, but it’s very important to wear whatever safety gear is recommended to keep your smile safe, including sports mouth guards and face masks. Sports or any kind can result in blunt dental trauma, but this can be avoided by wearing protective gear properly.

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